Bachelorettes Lash Out at Brad Womack for Singling Out Emily

Is bachelor Brad Womack playing favorites?

Judging by Monday’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelor, the woman vying for his affection are starting to think that answer is yes.

Taking the remaining 11 women to Las Vegas for a series of extravagant group and solo dates, Womack, 38, drew ire when he singled out Charlotte, N.C., event planner Emily Maynard for the third time in a group setting.

The jealousy began when Womack and eight other women (including Maynard) visited the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to drive a lap around the NASCAR track. In a touching moment, single mom Maynard opened up to Womack about the death of her race-car driver fiance, Ricky Hendrick, who was killed in a 2004 plane crash.

Though Womack admitted he “felt like a jerk” after taking his grieving suitor to the same place where her fiance’s racing career ended, Maynard seemed to brush off the emotional experience.

“The way he reacted made me see him in an even better light,” the 24-year-old — who even drove a few laps around the track — said on Monday’s show. “He was there for me, but he let me have my moment, which made me feel good.”

Later, Maynard’s competitors — already aware of her tragic backstory — fume over her extra attention.

“Just because they come in with the worst story means they get the most attention?” sniped Alli. “It’s hard to feel special.”

During a conversation with Chantal, Womack denied giving Maynard preferential treatment, even after he pulled her aside for 1-on-1 time during group dates on three separate occasions.

“I understand that some of the other women may feel slighted, but it has nothing to do with a bigger connection with Emily,” Womack said. “If I had as major concerns with the other women, I would have done the same thing. That’s just who I am.”

In the end, Maynard did get her rose, while Ashley S., Marisa and Lisa were eliminated.

“This rose is about you, it’s not about today, it’s not about NASCAR, it’s not about anything except for the fact that I’m falling for you, so I hope you feel the same way,” Womack told Maynard as she accepted the rose.

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