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Two New Britney Tracks Surface, Spears’ Website Revamped

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Two alleged new Britney Spears tracks found their way onto the Internet earlier today, and many fans and bloggers were left wondering if it was really her on the tracks.Sources say that the two new tracks “Gimme More” and “Cold As Fire” ARE in fact Britney, and her official website has been revamped with a “Gimme More” theme.

Sources tell us that the video being shot at the time was indeed for “Gimme More.” Photos from the video shoot surfaced of Britney on a stripper pole in torn fishnet stockings and short shorts.

The second song, “Cold as Fire,” was produced by rapper and producer T-Pain, who told MTV News that he and Spears were able to record three songs in a short amount of time: “Cold as Fire,” “Boyfriend” and “One of a Kind.”

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Paris Gives Brit Bitch Gift

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

After an online New York Dog magazine poll bestowed Britney Spears with the title “Worst Celebrity Dog Owner,” she received a consolation prize from her new BFF, and last year’s winner, Paris Hilton.

From Paris to Britney
Hilton gave Spears a Bali puppy carrying case from The $500 orchid colored bag is made of Italian leather and comes with a detachable fur-lined pad. Only the best for Brit’s bitches!

At last, we can take comfort in knowing that at least one of Britney’s pets will remained covered in public.

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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Kevin Federline: Click to watchBritney’s not the only one dumping K-Fed. One of the only companies who ever hired Kevin Federline has also gotten rid of the alleged rapper.

Back in June, K-Fed was tapped to be the face of Five Star Vintage, a clothing label owned by San Francisco’s Blue Marlin clothing company. They even re-hired K-Fed back in September, when he was still Mr. Spears, in prep for their holiday ad campaign. A source confirmed to TMZ that Federline’s contract was allowed to conveniently expire — and it seems like his image may have completely tanked the brand — the company’s official website no longer exists.

Meanwhile, the marketing executive who brought in Federline, touting his “renegade style,” has moved on and hasn’t been replaced. TMZ was assured by Blue Marlin that Five Star Vintage still exists, and that the website was merely having “technical difficulties.” Questions asked re Federline have gone unanswered.

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Brit Gets Tattoo, Sis Watches

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Brit Goes Under the Needle: Click to WatchBritney Spears continued to reinvent herself in the image of a Jerry Springer guest — by getting the mark of style and class known as a hand tattoo. Real classy!

The mother of two, with baby sis Jamie-Lynn and a friend in tow, rolled up to the Devil Doll Tattoo parlor in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and was seen making futile attempts to primp her ratty hair and fix her bra strap-revealing dress. Paging Rachel Zoe!

The paparazzi went into high gear as Spears prepared to get inked with a star on her right hand. Real purrty, y’all.

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Paris to Makeover Britney in Her Image

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Paris and BritneyParis Hilton’s tutelage of new pal Britney Spears is entering the graduate phase. Mazel tov!

While on a retail romp through her favorite Melrose Avenue boutique, trendy Sielian’s Vintage Apparel, Hilton revealed that she would be bringing new BFF Britney on her next charge-a-thon. First stop: Lingerie Department, please!

Paris charged up thousands of dollars during her hour-long shopapalooza on Monday, picking up 25 “hot” dresses, 12 vintage belts, six sweaters, two purses … and six geese a-laying.

Our source overheard Hilton graciously telling a salesperson, “Sielian’s is my favorite boutique! You’re the only store where I can buy this many cute dresses. I’ve never been able to do this at any other store” … and that’s coming from a girl with a Masters in Shopology!

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